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The History of Miller’s Farmstead

In 1823, John Miller built his hotel and tavern at the corner of the Pike and Spickler Road.  It was one of the original stagecoach stops along the new National Pike.

T.B. Searight wrote of this well-known spot in 1894, “There were large rooms adapted to dancing purposes, and young men and maidens of the vicinity frequently tripped to the notes of the old time music in its spacious halls.  The waltz was unknown and the figures varied from the ‘hoe down’ to the cotillion, closing always with the ‘Virginia Reel.’  The old waggoneers were invariably invited to participate in these festivities, and engaged in them with a gusto not excelled by the lads and lasses of the surrounding Clear Spring neighborhood.”

In 1864, the Miller’s Farmstead location was the site of a Civil War skirmish.  It happened when Confederate General John McCausland planned to march from Clear Spring to Chambersburg via Mercersburg, PA.  Confederate Major Harry Gilmor led 200 men on a diversionary route along the National Road, creating the impression the main strike was to be against Hagerstown.  At Spickler’s Hill, near Miller’s Farmstead, Gilmor ran into an ambush from the Union army.  The east wall of what was then Miller’s Tavern still bears the marks made by the bullets and a cannon ball from the skirmish.  (From the Blue and Gray Magazine, August 1994)


Miller's FarmsteadMiller’s Farmstead Today

In 1992, this historic property was purchased by David and Elizabeth Miller.  The previous owners, the Bloyer family, owned it for nearly 60 years.  Restoration of the house and grounds began immediately and over a period of years, the property was restored to the beautiful property you see today.  In 2002 the property was named Miller’s Farmstead, in honor of the original builder, John Miller – and the hard- working man and current owner, David Miller, who brought the property back to life.

Today, the property serves as the perfect venue for the special events in our lives; weddings, anniversaries, reunions and special celebrations of all types.

While we are able to accommodate up to 149 people, we welcome parties of any size.  We look forward to helping you celebrate your most important moments. 


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